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Seema Kohli
The flames of creation
Seema Kohli may have appear to have chosen a path of reconciliation, but her work is a treatise on women’s power and liberation.
Kishore Singh
The creation of anything new – its birth, or rebirth – is a difficult process, whether real or imagined. Life, vegetation, a dance performance, a string of musical notes strung together to hold a melody, a writer’s words; a rising dawn, a tempest at sea, surging waters, the whistling wind when it blows fiercely; calm, meditation, analysis, looking inwards, tranquillity…
If that is a metaphor for the universe and for human life, consider, for a moment, Seema Kohli’s work: lotus buds and blooms; flowering trees; the permanence of roots, the fragility yet strength of branches, the passing of seasons in its leaves; of female beings that soar on wings, taking flight, at once